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Tooth Stone Cleaning


What is dental calculus or tartar?

Dental calculus is an accumulation of some foods and saliva around the teeth,

so this accumulation of these materials causes various gum diseases, at the

end it forms what is called tartar which is very solid layer like pebbles. The

tartar carries some bacteria that may destroy the teeth and cause cavities.

What are the symptoms of dental calculus?

There are several reasons that show you have tartars such as gingiva bleeding  if your gums are bleeding, you should consult your dentist even if you didn’t feel  by any pain.

How many times you should clean your teeth at the dentist if there is calculus ?

There is nothing specific about this  matter, it depends on the situation of the patients, but any way it can be cleaned regularly every six months.

 What are the causes of of dental calculus?

Tartar starts to occur when you see how much plaque is formed, which consists of bacteria and leftover food accumulated on the gum line, then hardens and turns into lime, and plaque arises when you eat, where the bacteria in the mouth analyze the carbohydrates in the mouth into acids, and these acids mix with food and saliva residues to form plaque.

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